As more and more people who use the services of the Ron Todd Foundation experience the difficulties of living in poverty and experience social injustice - the foundation has acquired a know how knowledge of poverty, about people's real needs, we've gained a huge amount of information about the steps that people need to take to survive in difficult times.

Which is why we are launching our Looking Back to Fight Forward campaign.

This campaign combines three call for actions to help bring amount the relief poverty and social injustice experienced by far too many people today.

Firstly we are going to follow the footsteps of Ron Todd and speak in spaces where Ron spoke. Sharing his speeches, which are as relevant today as they were when he first spoke them.

We are doing this because we know that education must play an important role in all of the work that we carry out.
Secondly we are going to develop a Ron Todd House Community, where individuals, branches, organisations can play an active part in the Ron Todd House scheme.

This means signing up to be part of the community that offers practical solidarity.

Finally we are going to grow Ron Todd Foundation champions. A group of special supporters who help the foundation continue its vital work through making a regular donation of £50 a month.


Follow The

If Ron Todd spoke at your meeting, branch, conference or event; please invite us to follow in his footsteps.

Ron Todd Houses: Community

If you, your branch, your organisation want to be part of the RTH Community, please sign up via the website.

Ron Todd Foundation Champions

If you, your branch, your organisation want to be RTF Champion, to help build the Ron Todd Community please sign up via the website.