Ron todd foundation

Ron Todd Houses: provide a much needed community space, at a time when trade union members are facing the effects of austerity due to this governments war on welfare. 

Ensuring that trade union members know that they belong to a wider family and the door will always be open twenty four seven for real, practical hands on support. Which includes being able to stay overnight, having hot meals, use of the washing machine, telephone - together with just dropping in to have a cup of tea or coffee to discuss the issues that are a part of everyday life and the trade union movement.

Being part of a family is socialism.  The Ron Todd Houses, are an extension of the trade union family, which simply means practical solidarity in action.

“The house belongs to everyone, the parents do not charge the children rent to stay there. When grandma comes round to help cook Sunday lunch, you do not have to pay her for her time. People in the family do things for each other, without ‘payment’ as that is part of people in the family. Everyone looks after each other and in return they are all supported too. People contribute what they can and receive back what they need. When grandpa gets really old, he can not do much to help. The others look after grandpa anyway.”