Ron todd foundation

COULD YOU, your comrades, your branch or your trade union.

Raise the issue of making a financial donation to affiliate  and / or make a donation to support a specific piece of work.

Nominate a comrade for a Ron Todd Award .


Come along to the next Ron Todd Lecture.

Write a motion to ensure your trade union supports, affiliates and invites a Ron Todd Young Ambassador to speak at your branch.

Follow the Ron Todd Foundation on social media          

In recognition of the tremendous support given to the Labour and trade union movement during Ron’s time as general secretary of the TGWU; on behalf of the Ron Todd Foundation which is working to tackle social injustice and poverty.

We are appealing for trade unionists and comrades from across the Labour movement both locally and nationally to support the Ron Todd Foundation to continue the work that Ron begun in fighting for a better, fairer world.