Every penny that is donated to the Ron Todd Foundation makes a difference to our work in tackling the issues surrounding poverty and challenging social injustice.

Amount What would it do? Donors "Gift"
£10,000 Two months of practical solidarity at Ron Todd House supporting 30 comrades and families. Platinum: Guerrilla Gardening Experience & visit to Ron Todd Houses.
£5,000 Volunteer expenses for six Ron Todd Foundation buddies for three months. Gold: Hoodies are Goodies Experience & visit to Ron Todd House.
£2,500 Ron Todd Lecture. Silver: Social Education Experience & visit to Ron Todd House.
£1,00 One months rent at Ron Todd House. Bronze: Socialism Tea and Cake at Ron Todd House.
£500 Providing a solidarity buddy and 20 hours of support. Hoodies are Goodies Action Kit.
£250 Providing an up skilling social education workshop. Guerrilla Gardening Action Kit.
£100 Ron Todd young Ambassador workshop. Ron Todd Book.
£50 A rucksack/goodie bag for a person living in poverty. Solidarity Seeds
£25 One Ron Todd Award Package Tolpuddle Martyrs CD (words by Ron Todd).
£10 Meals for one person for one day at Ron Todd House. Framed photo/Ron Todd poem.
£5 Solidarity package of support or visitors to Ron Todd House. Thank you card made by a young person.
£1 A hot drink for a trade unionist at Ron Todd House. Badge.