Ron todd foundation


Our ambassadors are passionate about the Ron Todd Foundation and  play a key role in helping the charity to meet its strategic objective of increasing awareness and understanding of its work with the general public.

Our ambassadors will help ‘tell the Ron Todd story’ in the communities of which they are a part; ensuring more people know about the services of the Ron Todd Foundation – how to access them; and will increase volunteering and fundraising support for the charity. 

If you feel that you have the right set of skills to be an ambassador or a member of the board of trustees.

 Contact the Ron Todd Foundation today. 

Can you be a trustee or ambassador? 

Our trustees are the people who lead the charity and decide how it is run.  Making decisions that will impact on people’s lives.  Making a real difference to the communities of which they are a part of.

The Ron Todd Foundation trustees use their skills and experience to support the charity, helping it to achieve it's aims and objectives. They also support those who deliver the day to day activities which are the heart of the organisation.

The Trustee board seeks to maintain a membership that has a wide ranging level of experience so that the board as a whole has the skills and experience to draw upon in its governance and decision making roles.