Rishard Beckett

This is Rishard Beckett and he is one of the Ron Todd Foundation’s young ambassadors. His role is to share with people the real life experience of being involved with the organisation.

“Each week, around thirty trade union comrades, from across the movement, knock on the door of Ron Todd House, often with their family. When the doorbell rings, there is always someone there, who not only understands and can lend a listening ear, but is also able to offer practical support to help find a solution to whatever the problem is.

As well as that we work with young people across the UK who are experiencing social injustice and / or are living in poverty and have no previous engagement with the trade union movement; teaching them about the principles that shape the movement and showing them how we put into practice the word solidarity.

This happens through our work with Community Court Yard; together we provide young people with goodie bags, which make a real difference as they have hooded tops, food and even pennies for gas & electric in them. We guerrilla garden areas to bring people together to make places look better. Finally we get involved in social education and training to teach and celebrate the legacy of Ron Todd, the principles he stood for and the wider movement he was a part of.”

Francis Chudley


Kate Hudson

If you feel that you have the right set of skills to be an ambassador or a member of the board of trustees. Contact the Ron Todd Foundation today.