"Celebrate, to make the ordinary, extra ordinary!"

Bruce Kent - CND Vice President

Ron Todd Awards are a fantastic opportunity to recognise and celebrate the marvellous achievements of campaigners, activists and trade unionists from across the movement and we encourage people to get involved and nominate their comrades and friends for the following categories: Socialism of the Heart, Peace, Social Justice, Equality & Inspiring Young People.

Guidance for Submitting Nominations
Nomination deadline: 31st December 2020
Nomination deadline: 31st December 2018.
Shortlisted award nominees announced: 04th January 2021
Open online voting from 11th January 2021 to 19th February 2021


Nominee Details: including name, address and contact details.
Nominator Details: including name, address and contact details.
Category of nominations:
        Sociaism of the Heart, Peace, Social Justice, Equality, Inspiring Young People
Reason for Nomination.

    This year we will be inviting shortlisted nominees to prepare a one minute video to tell about their work and asking those who made the nomination to share with us why they think their nominee should win the award. Ron believed in grassroots engagement and so do we - which is why we will then be allowing all of those who support the foundation to vote to decide who wins.